Welcome to Ripley Health & Wellness!

The family owned and operated offices of Ripley Health & Wellness (RHW), stem from a long history of Chiropractic roots.

Dr. William H. Ripley, the original Chiropractic pioneer of the family once said, " person is as old as their spine is young." At 87 healthy years of age Dr. Bill is living proof that Chiropractic care Adds Life to Years and Years to Life!'

Dr. Bill is the first of a long line of chiropractor in our family. My father, Dr. Douglas D. Ripley, being the 8th chiropractor-and myself, Dr. John D. Ripley, the tenth and third generation chiropractor added to Dr. Bill's legacy.

Dr. John D. Ripley- as a child raised in a chiropractic family- "I never had to run to the doctor's office, as children we were adjusted regularly and given lost of vitamins. We were raised to eat healthy and get our regular adjustments.''

Chiropractic came naturally to me, as well as growing up in the field of natural health and wellness. Today, I raise my own children in the same fashion and they too are healthy and maintain regular adjustments. I urge all my patients to have their children checked regularly for healthy spine alignment on a regular basis.